College already?

Did you know that the #1 rated college in the United States is Princeton University, according to U.S. News, but i’m not interested in that school. I want to go to Iowa Central because they just got a NEW updated bio fuel lab. I want to be able to take lots of Science classes. So I can work to getting my degrees, to carry out my dream job, which takes 11 years of schooling. I’m actually really excited for college and I can’t wait for it to come faster! It does every single year, I get closer! 9th grade is when they will start looking at my Mathematics and Science grades to see if they’ll accept me into that specific college. I realized that being an Infectious Disease Specialist is VERY HARD and LONG work, but it’s all worth it. I’ll be helping PEOPLE and ANIMALS. I can also travel around the world. Most likely after I get most of my degrees I might also move to the Tropics such as, Florida,Hawaii , or the Bahamas. I’m not exactly sure about that yet, though. I want to go to a place where there is sick people and mysteries to be solved. I can’t wait to be able to get these degrees. I can do SO much with them. I could do anything including Science things. AHHH I CAN’T WAIT!!!

Genius Hour

So I have to pick between two guitars a Fender and a Yamaha, two VERY popular instrument brands. The Yamaha is the lighter coloured one and the Fender is darker.

Yamaha:        $169.99




Fender:        $149.99


Personally I like the Yamaha better because it’s lighter in colour and it’s also sounds and looks a lot better, according to me. It’s different for everybody. I like to write covers to hip-hop and pop musik with my Old Yamaha, but it doesn’t sound as good because it’s so old, and a bit out of tune. The wires are starting to get tighter because of how much I use (play) it. I’ve stopped playing it and hung it up in my room just to look at and bring out the country style colours. The two biggest reasons I stopped playing it was that i’m getting a new one soon, and that I don’t want the strings to break and hit my hands. I’ve had it happen before and it hurts extremely bad!

These are the guitar picks that I own…




*Genius Hour Project*

MY topic for this project is playing guitar. I’m learning something new. I used to be able to play but it’s been so long sense I’ve made a song and played all the way through it without mistake. I’m extremely excited! I’m going to look at them this weekend. I’m pretty sure that i’m going to get an acoustic guitar. Once I get it i’m going to start choosing a song(s) for this project. I was thinking about, Love Yourself by: Justin Bieber (even though I don’t like him his music has a good beat, for this song anyway.) And, I like The Sound Of That by: Rascal Flats. I’m not sure yet but who cares. When I play the guitar the other Hallie will sing. We’ll start in the back of the room because there’s more room in the back. So my guitar will be wooden and real because the fake guitars don’t sound like they should.

This Summer


This summer I plan on renovating my room. I want an whole country style. My walls are a really nasty green and once i’m done they’ll be a light navy blue. I’m also building a bed frame made out of a dark green barn door from my aunt. She’s also redoing her barn so she’s getting a new door and new colours for paint. I’m either getting white or black curtains, maybe even tan ones to bring out my guitars, i’m sure about them yet. I’m also redoing my black bookshelf to match my curtains, if they’re white. After i’m finished with my room if my attitude stays in check i’m going to be getting a truck. Even though I don’t live in the country I’ve grown up around farmers, cowboy and cowgirls. So i’m definitely a country girl. I own a rabbit, a gecko, two cats, two dogs, two chinchillas,  three geese, fifteen pigs, three horses, and around 35 cows and bulls. The cats, dogs, chinchillas, rabbit, and the gecko live at my house. My horses live at my aunts. The cows, bulls, pigs, and geese live at my grandmas. I jump and barrel with my horses for a living, for now. I also train other kids that have dreams of being jocks and horse riders as well. I wouldn’t trade them for the world. I will soon be getting NEW additions to the family such as one more chinchilla and more rabbits. I show them too. I love my animals, so much! <3 

That’s the color.

I’d include: A white bean bag.


And white curtains.



*Nature* Why it’s so perfect.

I love nature so much. The animals, they play a big part in nature. The only thing I don’t like about nature is the wasp and hornets. They are so nasty. I don’t like them because I am deathly allergic to them. I became allergic when I was about 2 or 3, when I was stung multiple times, in the same spot, on my back.


Other than that outside is the best. I like the outside. I like the dark more than the light though. I can be outside only if i’m doing something I like. But if i’m out there and there’s nothing to do, I stay inside. It’s healthy to be outside and doing things, fun things. Not all people like it outside, but some do. I like animals a lot! So i’m always outside playing with something such as; birds, cats, horses, and butterflies.

Sometimes my mom says that I should’ve been a boy because I like getting dirty and working hard. The only time I get dirty though is if I am working with my horses out at my aunt’s farm or if i’m cleaning out underneath my 9 rabbit’s cages or their playpens. I got rid of 8 rabbits and kept one because she has papers, so shes worth a lot of money if I were to sell her.

The Kiwi

When you read my title you were thinking about a fruit, weren’t you? That’s not what i’m going to write about though. The kiwi i’m talking about is the bird. They are the cutest little mammals ever! Too bad you can’t have them as pets or i’d have a bunch of them. They’re really hard to take care of because they are so small and have special needs. They need special bedding and food, they usually eat small insects like beetles and worms.



My name is Haley. I LOVE being outside. I’m in 4-H so I do many fun things, but my favorite hobbies include; shooting of rockets, walking my dogs, showing my animals professionally, jumping my horses, and barrel racing with them.

My favorite animals are: Horses, and kiwi’s. I love ALL animals but these two are very exciting to watch and be around. I love reading but the outdoors draws me in better. I also love germs and microorganisms, so viruses, bacteria, and infections.

Judge the deed NOT the breed. Speak up.

I understand only some people like Pitbulls, but killing and banishing them doesn’t solve anything.

“In the 70’s they blamed Dobermans, in the 80’s they blamed German Shepherds, in the 90’s they blamed the Rottweiler, now they blame the Pitbull. When will they blame humans”?

Yes I know SOME Pitbulls can be mean, but they weren’t born that way. Humans made them like that by fighting  and abusing them. Nothing is born mean it’s how they were treated and what they were taught that makes up their character today. I  have a Pitbull/Boxer mix and he is the biggest baby ever! Even though he was used as a bait dog when he was younger, and then when he got older, was used to fight other dogs. He had won a bunch of fights but he still had the scars left over, from them. He learns fast, he can sit down, lay down, shake with both paws, attack, jump, sit pretty, beg, roll over, and army crawl. He learned all of those tricks before the end of the week. Sense he is a Pitbull/Boxer I decided to name him Capone, like the gangster back in 1899 to 1947. Capone is such a big baby that if someone were to break into the house he would wiggle and pee everywhere. Unless that person tried to hurt me then it would turn ugly. We are still trying to work on him protecting everybody but he is having troubles with that. He is the man of the house. He also has a little stooge, her name is Zoey and she is a long haired Mini Dachshund. They get in to so much trouble together, it gets really bad sometimes. He tries to teach her things but she is stubborn, and instead, teaches him bad things. Capone used to be mean. His scars will always remain on the outside. The ones in the inside are for me to get rid of. 🙂

Fancy Rats


Did you know there is such thing as a fancy rat? There really is! I would know, I used to own one. I had gotten her from Earl May. She was fully grown, but still young. She had been two years of age when I had received her. She was so beautiful! She was mostly white with a black saddle and an all black head. Although I forget her name all the time I remember it today, it was Nugget. I had her for about seven to eight months, before I had to get rid of her. She was starting to get mean and my family and I weren’t very sure why. Then we knew.

I had another, “Fancy Rat”. But this one was a boy, his name was Zeek and he had chew through the bottom panel of his cage. Later that day I had put her cage on the floor of my room and left the door open, so she could run around. Don’t be alarmed! I had trained her to go back into her cage when she had to go. So when she was out he had gotten out, also. I had it worse, she was in heat. I had fell asleep and they were still running around. When I had woken up he was back in his cage and she was asleep on my chest. So I hadn’t realized he had chewed a hole in the bottom of his cage. She ended up having six kits. They kept me up all night, because they are nocturnal. And every mom gets protective of their babies. So I had given her to one of my step-dad’s friends. She raised her babies and she is still as pretty as she was when I got her.